The thousand knocks on the door that would never open

Inspite of widespread treachery, a promise that couldn’t be broken

Among huge calculations, the answers that wouldn’t tally

A thousand lessons learnt, yet the seduction of the same folly.


The thousand tears that went dry on the cheeks,

Inspite of the closed windows, the heart that stealthily peeks

Among loads of pretentious smiles, and empty successes, all so agile

A thousand pains prick with the lust of that forgotten smile


The thousand concerns that would effectively be feigned

In spite of unsettled debts, there’s so much that I would still lend

Among the pouring rains, the weak smile, trying ulterior to last

A thousand brave words, all of a sudden, turned to dust


Among thousand offences, there’s always this one that I spare

I do look back, the thousandth time, knowing that you wouldn’t be there

A thousand sighs, a thousand expressions of unending mistrust

… No matter how hard I try, there still always is a thousand and first.


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