A fallen leaf here, and a dry twig there

The streets so barren, the skyscrapers that stare

Only the phone’s strident ring that breaks the dormancy

Undying flowers adorn but where’s the half-bloomed daisy?


On the frozen lake, the despondent sun beam

Age-old stars that no more gleam

Heated room, smoking stoves, a piping hot soup, a quiet feast.

And where exactly does warmth exist?


Cameras capturing a smile here and a smirk there.

The grief beneath has so many a pretentious layer

Friends all over the world, and the doorbell that never blares

Who is it that really cares?


The smog that enshrouds the silent birds feigning indifference

Do window glasses so sheer, not show the emptiness so dense?

Flinching from pain, the only hand that caresses is your own

In a world so connected, is no one alone?



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