Oh! At the juncture of this dark deep midnight

With each corner of room, garlanded with moonlight

With the light breeze giving shape to the child hopes, I drew.

I wish a pure wish to come true.


On this restless night, laden with unexplainable desire

To turn my quietness from an ember to reawakened fire

With closed eyes, and my soul stirring with irrevocable hope.

I have a dear wish_ and, for the first time, no strife with it, to cope.


Among this overflowing darkness, laden with a melodious mystic fervor

With a heart full of swelling dew and an utmost desire that I can savor

As a celebration of my solitude, beyond every norm

I have a wish, an innocent one_ and for the first time, to expect something from.


After sleepless nights of getting wet, under the rain of my shattered dreams

After nights of toil, of hopes, of losing hopes, of weeping quiet and of unheard screams

On this full moon night, with its silver absorbing all my pain

I have a wish_ to start living, all over again.



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