With immense conviction, I slowly walk a hundred steps forward

And then turn to run a thousand steps back

Among wilful storms driving thoughts wayward

I try with might to not  seek for things I lack



With utmost will, I steadily stand through tempests

Yet the warm old breeze breaks me

Among attempts to enjoy a thousand zests

Your thoughts tempt, but I still try my best to not see


While I walk, you stealthily follow me

I try to run, and you are suddenly in front!

Malicious blizzards wreck all visions I had desired to see

And when they try to wreck you, I bear the brunt!


I break down and give up, but still try once more to learn.

Even after the thousandth failure, I try again to brew.

Among avalanching memories, I freeze, I melt, I rain, I burn.

How do I rehabilitate, when you are what am addicted to?


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