As the flowers bloom after a prolonged chill

The sunshine embraces with this caressing feel

Yes, those winds have left, all so devastating, all so bitter

I know I love this spring, but do I really not miss the winter?


As the birds chirp around the lonely rock

It sounds so sweet to hear them talk

With all my heart, I listen to their murmur

But is theirs the only voice I hear?


As the drizzling droplets paint the sky

In violets and reds, freedom flies ever so high

There’s this bunch of children smiling in overwhelmed spree

But staring at the sky, is it just their face that I see?


Days are now longer than the long awaken nights

There aren’t any more omens of disasters, and nor such frights

I try to cover up every inch of damage with the broken pieces

But, you still do manage to flood through the smallest of crevices


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