The memories that now seem lovelier than you

And the smile your thoughts trigger are what I hold on to

We are successful, lonely, strangers today as we walk past each other

We counter efficiently, breaking ourselves inwardly further and further.


The integral parts of our lives that each of us had become

Denials persisted, but in your absence, the way I would be mum..

Today,  a single word seems so tough to be spoken

Inspite of the infinite confessions on the nights we had broken


We pretend to laugh without abandon, we pretend to glorify our achievements

We fight endless wars, we fly high with unmatched confidence…

Yet how we break down in solitude, on the verge of reaching the peak

The phone rings a thousand times, yet it’s never the one we seek.


Yes, I do know you feel the same, you do feel the lack

That you too tear into greater pieces, the moment you try to sew yourself back

A thousand accomplishments , yet the heart I just can’t tame

I know, that for you too, without me, it’s never the same.



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