Some timid, few simple wishes,

Attainable at first, until reality unleashes

Scurried escapades of a frightened drop of tear

And distance craves for the friend who used to be near.


While waves break continually on the shore, the ice remains frozen

How I yearn to be with you, in a solitude so downtrodden

My desires uncover only to be drawn back into constraints

The tired eyes pray for a respite, from the same old refrains


Among silent shouts and shaded eyes, pretentious smiles still predominate

Among mishaps, heartbreaks and continual sighs, it’s you whom I see through the fret

Among thousands of failures, there’s this one defeat that I have now conceded

Am lost to you, I give up, I accept that you are all I ever needed


My ignorant eyes are just a means of hiding the tears, don’t you see?

Can’t you listen to the moaning beneath the laughters of glee?

Masts are all broken and ships wrecked by the relentless storms in the sea

Don’t you realize that each day I die for you to return to me?


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